We are the Cambridge Christadelphians!

Who are we?

The word “Christadelphian” was developed in the mid 19th century from two Greek words “Christos” and “Adelphoi” and means “Brothers and Sisters in Christ”.

Christadelphians are a worldwide group of believers dedicated to understanding the gospel message as it was delivered by Jesus Christ and taught by his disciples in the First Century.

Reading the Bible regularly is the only way to discover this message for yourself. But sometimes the language is difficult and it is hard to know where to start. 

You might be surprised what you learn when you start to read the Bible for yourself! Some of the traditional doctrines and dogmas taught in today’s churches do not have a strong foundation in the Scriptures.

The Christadelphians do not have a paid ministry or clergy and no central authority. The Bible is our only authority as the completely inspired Word of God.

We believe God has offered us all the opportunity to learn and understand His offer of salvation. We each have a personal responsibility to find out what He requires from us if we want to be included in His amazing future plan for the earth He has created.