* On October 15-16 the Sr. CYC will co-hosted a remote Football Challenge with Brant County and Brantford as an extension of the Detroit CYC Gathering. Please watch your email as details continue to solidify, especially regarding the Friday Evening Plans * Junior CYC is active on October 15th – please check your schedules for details * The PTL Hymn books have arrived. They are $47.76 each, payable by e-transfer to Bro Rhe Desjardins. If you are interested, please email Sis Kate Ruhland confirming the number of books you wish to purchase. * We received an invitation to the 2022 Palm Springs Bible School, please check your email for complete details.
Please be diligent to adhere to the following guidelines for in-person meetings:
* Masks must be worn at all times inside the Hall * Physical distancing of 2m/6ft must be maintained to the best of your ability
* Rows/tables must be set up to maintain physical distancing for those seated
* People must sit with their family/social bubble
* Please do not congregate in groups inside the building