Pastoral Notes:
* Sis Margaret Williams continues her recovery from surgery and welcomes calls and cards. * Bro Sid Tinson continues his battle with cancer and would appreciate someone to do the readings with him.
* The Green family continues to work through their health issues
* In addition to your prayers, please seek ways to support your brothers and sisters
Reminder to contribute financially to Ecclesia, there are still expenses and so please send donations by E-Transfer or cheque to Bro Rhe.
Return To Hall: Continuing to offer Lecture and Bible Class in the Hall. Tonight’s evening program will be presented here in person, as well as this week’s Bible Class. Note that the Zoom meetings will still be running.
Reminder to the Set-up Teams, Stewards and Door Keepers that you are responsible for your duties both on Sunday and Wednesdays. If you can’t make it, please find a replacement and let the Recorder know.