The goal of this month’s blog posts are to look at Creation vs Evolution. We intend to address different aspects of each view, to try and see how we fit in. Over the next few posts we hope to look at some interesting talks that help address your questions about how life came to be and what that means for our lives. Understanding the case for a Creator may prompt questions like “Is God Real?”, “Why do we need a Creator?”, “Can God’s Word be Trusted?”, “Does God’s Word Provide Hope for the Future?”, and we hope to address those questions in the future as well.

For now, we offer the following chart showing the stark contrasts between these two ideologies :

God’s word is a historical account, not scientific.
God’s word is validated through prophecies, historical accounts, time and place.
The intricate design and wonder of life speak of a divine creator.
Involves a loving and caring God who has a purpose for those who love him
Christians look to their creator and the word of God for guidance in issues of morality.
Although in Christianity we see death because of sin, we also see hope of life in Christ.
God’s plan from the beginning was life not death, but through sin man brought death
Our hope is in Christ Jesus to have eternal life  in his kingdom upon this earth.
Creation is also a belief system that should provide direction for those who believe it to be a loving, honest and true witness to God’s word.
Claims to be scientific but it is not verifiable science.
Scientific proof requires observation and repeatability.
Proven through nature evolving, natural selection
Depends on random chance in development of universe and life on earth
Some worship mother nature to give credit for creation
As man evolves he is basically an animal with no God or authority.
Morality is whatever he decides for himself. There is no right or wrong.
Death and survival of the fittest is the basis of evolution. (The weak die off.)
Death is the natural state of things, developing over millions of years.
Hope is having a good life now, for in death there is no hope.
Evolution is a belief system that determines ones outlook on life.